Care And Maintenance Of Your Solid Surface Counter Tops

7 April 2016
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Solid surface counter tops are durable, long lasting and relatively low maintenance, but they do require some care and maintenance to look their best. For new owners of solid surface counters, this advice will help you as you strive to keep your counters clean, shiny and scratch-free.

Washing Solid Surface Counters

Wash your solid surface counters after meal preparation to keep spilled liquids and food waste from building up on the surface. Use a soapy rag to wipe your counter tops clean, then dry the area with a microfiber cloth. Drying the counters after cleaning will help prevent a hard water film from forming on the surface of your counters. If a sheen of hard water residue does buildup on your counters, spray them with vinegar, wipe them down with a rag and then dry them fully.

Avoid Chemical Exposure

Many strong, abrasive or caustic household chemicals can damage your solid surface counter tops. Avoid spilling strong cleaning chemicals (like oven cleaner) on your counters. If your counters are exposed to harsh chemicals, dilute the spilled cleaner with water and wipe down the counter top quickly. Once the chemical spill has been wiped away, clean the counter with a soapy rag as described above.

Protect Your Counters from Scratches

Solid surface counter tops may seem impervious to damage, but they can be scratched. Never use your counter tops as a cutting board. If your counters become deeply scratched by a knife, you can use a mild abrasive cleaner to sand down the edges of the gouge and disguise the scratch. Once this is done, you can disguise the smaller scratches by applying counter polish to the counters. This will help make the scratches less obvious.

Protect Your Counters From Burn Marks

Heat from pots and pans can do damage to your solid surface counter top. To avoid issues, never put a hot pot on your counters without putting a trivet or an oven mitt of some kind beneath the pot. If you do burn the counters with a hot pot, some of the damage can be repaired. Start by cleaning the area with a soapy rag, then reshape the burnt edges by sanding them down with a fine-grain sandpaper. Use counter polish to hide scratches left behind by the sandpaper.

For more information about protecting your solid surface counters, talk to a customer service representative from a company like Plastic Line Mfg Inc that installs counter tops. He or she should be able to give you instructive advice about the care and maintenance of your counters.