Area Rugs Are For More Than Aesthetics

13 December 2019
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A quality area rug serves many purposes beyond simple style and appearance in your home. Area rugs provide a soft pad for kids and pets, as well as a buffer that helps quiet noise. Rugs can help prevent falls on slippery surfaces while protecting your high-quality flooring from scratches and damage.

Consider some tips for using area rugs around the home:

Start with the Rug

One of the best tips for using area rugs is to start the room design and décor with the rug. Find a rug to serve as the anchor of the space and then choose paint, furniture, and accents after. 

Size Is Important

The size of your area rug is important; try to find rugs that are a little bit smaller than the space that your furniture occupies. This will help to anchor the room, yet leaves a floor-border around the edges of the rug.  This provides a flow to the space while also bringing an airiness that makes your room seem more open.

Echo Similar Shapes

For a cohesive look, echo the shapes of the room and furniture with your area rugs. For instance, use a rectangular rug under your rectangular dining room table or a round rug under a spherical Papasan chair.

Layer Arrays of Rugs

Try layering the different shapes, sizes, and colors of area rugs in spots throughout the house. Use a doormat or small bath-size rug for the center of a three or four rug ensemble; go with different textures and varied piles for more visual interest. Layering rugs draws the eye and can make spaces often seem larger and more inviting.

Choose Fine Fibers

You are going to be up-close and personal with your rug; choose quality fibers and fabrics that you want to touch. A thicker, more luxurious area rug will be more durable but more difficult to clean and maintain. Regular maintenance of wool area rugs includes vacuuming and possible dry-cleaning, which will contribute to a longer life.

Think About your Lifestyle

If you live in a home with kids or pets, choose rugs that are cohesive with this lifestyle. Choose darker colors to conceal dirt and durable fibers that will hold up to foot traffic regularly, like wool.  A patterned rug may hide things like stains, pet hair, or dust in busy family homes.

Area rugs bring a lot more than aesthetics to your home. Use these tips to bring comfort, convenience, and security to your living spaces with area rugs. Visit online and local retailers to find quality-fiber rugs that you can use throughout the home in a variety of ways.