Tips For Fixing A Squeaky Hardwood Floor

13 April 2016
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Hardwood floors are gorgeous. They can make your home feel elegant and warm. However, as they age, there is the chance that they might start squeaking. This could be embarrassing and annoying to a homeowner. If you find yourself in this situation, you are going to need to take action to make the squeaking go away. Here are some tips that you can look at to aid you in this quest.

1. Try to Repair From Below

Your first step is to try to repair from below. If you have hardwood floor above the basement or some other room where the ceiling is easily accessible, have one person stay in the room with the squeaky floor. Have another person go down to the room directly beneath the floor. Then, have the person on the floor start walking back and forth from one wall to another. Every time that person hears a squeak, he or she should stop moving and wait while the person below fixes the floor.

The person below can fix the floor by taking a thin wooden shim and tapping it into place directly where the squeaking is happening between the subfloor and the joist. Don't drive it so far in that it pokes up above the floor. Instead, just hammer it slightly into place so that it won't fall out. Take a screw and force it through the joist, the subfloor, and the shim so that the shim is held more securely in place beneath the floor. Do this until all of the squeaks have been located and fixed.

2. Try to Repair From Above

If you can't get access to the joints underneath the floor, you will need to repair from above. You can do this by simply finding a squeak and then drilling a small hole into the floor. Then, take a kit for fixing holes in hardwood flooring and push the screw into the hole. The screw head will immediately snap off when it is at the correct depth. Then, fill the rest of the hole in with wood-colored putty. This will allow you to get rid of squeaks without damaging the finish of your floor.

You can purchase hardwood flooring squeak repair kits at your local hardwood store for a relatively cheap price.

If you don't want to risk repairing your floors yourself, talk to a company that specializes in hardwood floors. They might have some tips for you. You can learn more at sites like