Create A Unique Industrial Light To Use In Your Home

16 May 2016
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Every home needs some form of lighting so that you can easily see at night. Finding unique lighting in large commercial furniture stores is not easy to do. If you want to have the most unique lighting possible in your home, consider creating lighting with an industrial feel. The guide below walks you through the process of making a one-of-a-kind light to use in your home.

Purchase Your Supplies

The first thing you need to do is to purchase the materials you need to create the light. You will need an industrial pulley, a piece of barn wood, a cage light, and a lighting kit. You can purchase most of these materials at a home improvement store and at stores that sell reclaimed or used construction supplies.

Create the Light

Next, you need to determine how you large you want the piece of wood to be for the light. You will be hanging the light on the wall so be sure that it is not so large that it will take up too much of your wall space. Cut the board to the appropriate size for your wall. Use screws to attach the pulley to the piece of the wood that you cut.

Wire the Light

After creating the light, you will need to add the actual lighting elements to it. String the lighting wire through the space between the wood and the pulley. Use black cable ties to attach the lighting wire to the pulley. Be sure to trim the ties as closely to the pulley as you can so that they cannot easily be seen when you hang it on the wall. 

Attach the Cage Light

Next, string the socket of the lighting kit through the base of the cage light. You can then screw the bulb into the socket and use screws to attach the rest of the cage light to the base.

Once you have finished creating the light, you can hang it. Be sure that you take the time to make sure that you hang it near a wall socket so that you can plug it in with ease. Measure the height to ensure the wire will be long enough to plug into the wall when you are done. This industrial light will have a unique look and serve as a great conversation starter when you have guests over to your home for a get-together.