How to Decorate and Design a Room to Be a Private Home-Theater Space

9 November 2016
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If you love going to the movies but find movie theaters a bit too annoying because of the crowds, then you should consider turning a room in your home into a nice private theater. This will allow you to get the feeling of watching a film on the "big screen" without having to worry about noisy people bothering you, sticky floors, or uncomfortable seats. Plus, you can enjoy the film whenever you want and won't have to shell out the money for tickets. Below is a few design suggestions that will help you outfit and decorate the room. It's important to differentiate between a large television in your living room, and a dedicated room that will serve as a private theater, so these tips will help with that.

Go with a High-Definition Projector

To get the true movie-theater experience you will want to get a projector, not a big flat-screen television. The projector will be set up in the rear of the room and project the film onto a space of white wall or a projection screen. The choice is up to you. You can contact an interior-design firm and have them help you decide which is best. If you don't like the idea of a bright-white space, then you might prefer a projector screen that retracts when not in use.

Comfortable Seats

Of course you want comfortable seats. If you don't plan on hosting big parties, then you only need a few seats, depending upon how many people are in your household. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of space and plan on hosting big movie nights, then you will need to plan for more chairs. An interior designer can help you with how to position them so that the room doesn't feel too squished. A good arrangement would be in rows, and this is another way to convey the authentic movie-theater feel.

Also, you might want to get a special upholstery that is reminiscent of your favorite movie theater. These are things you should speak with your designer about.

Concession Stands, Curtains, and Posters

Another nice touch would be to have movie-style curtains set up on the sides of the room. This will help differentiate the room from just a regular room and make it clearly a theater. An interior designer will help you realize your vision by finding the appropriate curtains.

Another fun addition would be a classic-style popcorn stand. A designer can source an antique or replica popcorn stand and find the best spot in the room for it. Finally, tell your designer that you would like some classic movie posters for the room. You could have your favorite films' posters framed and showcased on the wall, similar to what you would see on the walls of your favorite movie theater.