Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinet Doors

28 February 2017
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You might have found the perfect kitchen cabinets, only they don't match your kitchen's very specific color scheme. This means that you are going to have to paint them yourself. Here are some tips for painting your kitchen cabinet doors so that you get them right the first time and that they really add to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

1. Prep the Kitchen 

First, make sure that you take everything out of the cabinets and move it to another room. Also take any of the appliances, such as coffee makers, that you might have on cabinet tops and move them to another room. Take any furniture out of the room as well in order to be safe. Whatever cannot be moved needs to be protected with plastic sheeting. Use painters tape to cover the backsplash, the counters, any remaining furniture, and all of your large appliances. This will allow you to leave the room feeling confident that you have protected everything that should not be covered in paint from any errant drips.

Once everything is covered, take a cleaning spray and use it to thoroughly scrub down your cabinets. Grease and other stuff can build up on your cabinet doors over time and can cause the paint to not be able to stick effectively. If there is a glossy coating on the doors of the cabinets, use a deglosser.

2. Sand Your Cabinets

Once the grease and gloss is removed from your cabinet doors, take sandpaper and sand them down. This will create a rough surface that the paint will easily be able to adhere to. Make sure that you vacuum up any dust that this creates immediately in order to avoid having the dust get stuck in the paint. Use a moistened cloth if need be. 

3. Add Primer

Next, you will need to get a primer that matches the surface of the cabinet doors. This is because if you are painting wood, it will need to be filled and the primer will do this. For any primer, make sure that you are using a high quality nylon paintbrush. Have two or three on hand to make sure that you can use a new one for every coat. Be sure that you allow the primer to dry completely between every coat and sand it flat.

4. Paint the Cabinets

Finally, you should be able to apply the color of your choice to the cabinet doors.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in kitchen cabinets.