3 Easy Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Drab Landscape Design

30 November 2018
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Are you tired of looking at an old drab landscape when you come home? Here are a few easy things you can do to spruce things up.

Incorporate Gravel Walking Paths

One easy way to spice up your landscape design is to incorporate gravel walking paths into the overall design. Gravel walking paths can be created simply by placing gravel or another ground cover material on top of your grass to create pathways through the yard where you want them.

You can create pathways going from the back door to the shade tree and from the front driveway to the gazebo in the backyard. Gravel comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can create a custom pathway design that complements the rest of your landscape. And your new gravel pathways won't have to be mowed like grass does, so they'll help to reduce your yard maintenance tasks as time goes on.

Create Some Flower Pot Gardens

Add some color and depth to your landscape design by creating a series of flower pot gardens throughout the front and back yards. Flower pot gardens are easy to create—all you have to do is arrange some big pots where you want a flower garden to be. Then fill the pots with gardening soil and your favorite flower starters from the local garden shop. Water and fertilize the flowers when necessary, and watch them bloom throughout the season.

You can replace the flowers as the seasons change to keep your flower pot gardens in full bloom throughout most of the year. You can even use your pot gardens to grow vegetables like bell peppers and collard greens!

Hire a Landscape Lighting Expert

Another way to enhance your currently drab landscape design is to work with a landscape lighting design service. Lighting can add some extra depth, color, and personality to your overall landscape design and can be useful when you want to spend time in the yard when the sun isn't out. Whether you want to incorporate basic solar lights in the yard so you can see to get around, or you want to create a colorful display that's reminiscent of a Hawaiian luau, you can count on a landscape lighting design expert to get the job done.

Or turn your dark gazebo into a fun evening entertainment venue with the help of a sparkling LED light system. Even if you don't have any ideas of how to brighten your landscape design up with lighting, your service provider can put together several custom design layouts for you to choose from.