Area Rugs Are For More Than Aesthetics

13 December 2019
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A quality area rug serves many purposes beyond simple style and appearance in your home. Area rugs provide a soft pad for kids and pets, as well as a buffer that helps quiet noise. Rugs can help prevent falls on slippery surfaces while protecting your high-quality flooring from scratches and damage. Consider some tips for using area rugs around the home: Start with the Rug One of the best tips for using area rugs is to start the room design and décor with the rug. Read More 

Ensure That Your Preferred Interior Design Podcast Suits You In These Ways

13 June 2019
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If you're interested in having a home that feels comfortable and is a reflection of you, you might seek to obtain inspiration and ideas by listening to an interior design podcast. There are many different podcasts that fit within this genre, including those produced by big names in the industry, everyday people, and many others in between. It can be enjoyable to download a few episodes of different podcasts and listen to them to get ideas, but it's important to ensure that whatever podcast you want to subscribe to suits your needs in these areas. Read More